TOP Countries Around The World That Will Actually Pay You To Move There

        Have you ever dreamt of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and moving to a quaint and serene place, starting a fresh life there along with, maybe, starting your own business? Or maybe move to some other place for a change of scenery? Well, then you are in luck, because there are several places around the world which are ready to pay youngsters to move there. Have a look!

Tulsa, Oklahama

        Well, you could be the next Chandler. The city of Tulsa is looking for remote workers and is paying as much as $10,000 or around ₹8,00,000 to join their community. Not just that, you will also be provided with free desk space and access to networking events.

           To be eligible, you need to be at least 18 years old with full-time remote employment or self-employed outside of Oklahoma. You should be able to move within the next 12 months and should be eligible to work in the US.   READ MORE

Albinen, Switzerland 

        The quaint town of Switzerland, Albinen, is inviting people to move there and even paying for it to increase its population. It is offering ex-pats under the age of 45 lucrative amounts for the move, 20,000 francs or around ₹20,00,000 per adult and 10,000 francs or around ₹8,00,000 per child, to be exact.

        The few catches are that you will have to live there for 10 years. Considering that a year back the population of this village was only 240 residents, this does make sense. In addition, your new Swiss home must cost at least 200,000 francs or around ₹1.5 crores, and be your permanent place of residence. 

Sicily, Italy 

      The decreasing population of Sicily is proving to be a good opportunity for the ex-pats to move there. Two towns in Sicily, Sambuca di Sicilia and Troina are selling homes for as low as €1. In return, you just have to agree to renovate the home within three years and pay a security deposit of around $6,000, or around ₹4,80,000, which will be refunded upon the completion of the renovation. 

Antikythera, Greece

        The picturesque Greek Island of Antikythera has a population of around 20 residents and is paying people to move there. If chosen to be part of the program, people will be given land, a house, and a monthly stipend of about $565, or around ₹45,000, for the first three years.


        Located in the Western United States on the northwest extremity of North America, Alaska is the place for you, if you love the cold weather. Alaska runs a program called the Alaska Permanent Fund , which allots an equal amount to every resident through an annual dividend. If you live in the state for an entire year, you will be granted about $1,600, or around ₹1,30,000. 


If you are looking to move to a new place and start a business, then Ireland can be a good option for you. Ireland has a scheme called Enterprise Ireland, which awarded €120 million to start-up businesses in 2020. You don’t have to be Irish to apply, but you will have to register your business in Ireland.  

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