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TOP Countries Around The World That Will Actually Pay You To Move There

          Have you ever dreamt of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and moving to a quaint and serene place, starting a fresh life there along with, maybe, starting your own business? Or maybe move to some other place for a change of scenery? Well, then you are in luck, because there are several places around the world which are ready to pay youngsters to move there. Have a look! Tulsa, Oklahama           Well, you could be the next Chandler. The city of Tulsa is looking for remote workers and is paying as much as $10,000 or around ₹8,00,000 to join their community. Not just that, you will also be provided with free desk space and access to networking events.              To be eligible, you need to be at least 18 years old with full-time remote employment or self-employed outside of Oklahoma. You should be able to move within the next 12 months and should be eligible to work in the US.    READ MORE Albinen, Switzerland            The quaint town of Switzerland, Albinen, is inv


  Rating Every Country We’ve Traveled To During the COVID-19 shutdown we were at home and looking for ways to stay entertained, so I asked my wife and kids to rate every country they’ve been to from 1 to 10. I added in my votes and ranked every country that had at least two votes. The goal: come up with a list of the best countries to visit, at least from our experience. Everyone could vote based on any criteria. In general the ratings were consistent from person to person, but there were some definite outliers – places where one person remembered things differently than the others. In a family of five, you can’t always keep everyone happy. We had some fun discussions when people disagreed! Our Top 20 Countries (the 20 Best Countries to Visit) In order to give you family travel ideas, here are our top 20 countries to travel to. Keep in mind that at the time we created this list our girls were 10 and 14 and our son was 12, and they had been to 62 countries. We split our travels between